After A T-Bone Car Accident, What Should You Do?

When a vehicle fails to yield to another driver who has the right-of-way, an at-bone collision occurs. T-bone accidents involving a left turn, whether at a traffic signal or a 4-way stop sign, are the most prevalent. Simply breaking the laws of the road, such as running a red light or speeding through a yellow left turn, might result in an at-bone accident. 

Report The Incident:

911 should be your initial call after a T-bone car accident. You may be asked to remain in your vehicle, move it, or wait in a secure location. Dispatchers have been educated to advise you on how to protect yourself and others as safely as possible.

Take Pictures Or Record Video:

If it is safe and you are unhurt, you should capture images or videos of the accident while you wait for aid. You should take close-up and wide-angle photos of car damage, current road conditions, and the surrounding region. Your Long Island automobile accident attorney will figure out which ones are relevant to your case.

Seek Medical Assistance:

You may be aware of your injuries, or you may feel you are unharmed. If you do not get an accurate diagnosis from a skilled medical practitioner in a timely way, you will seriously harm your chances of receiving compensation. Even though you seemed to be unharmed, this does not rule out the possibility that you or your passengers were injured.

Contact Your Insurance Provider:

In most cases, you only have around 30 days to report the accident to your insurance carrier. It doesn’t matter who was to blame right now; your insurance has to be aware of a potential claim stemming from a recent collision. When communicating with insurance, even your own, it’s a good idea to be careful and prepared. Saying the incorrect thing might endanger your chance to receive a reimbursement, and your insurance may refuse coverage altogether. 

Speak With A Personal Injury Lawyer:

Following a T-bone collision, you have a legal right to claim compensation. You can obtain more information about these rights from an experienced personal injury lawyer specializing in vehicle accidents. Never assume you’re responsible for medical costs or property damage. 

There’s nothing like hiring a personal injury lawyer to illustrate your argument if you don’t think you’re at blame. That way, you’ll be compensated to the fullest extent feasible. If you’ve been T-boned, it’s a good idea to get assistance from a lawyer like Gibson Hill right away, visit his website now.


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