Attractive Glass Shelves Blend In Well With Any Decor

Glass shelves can provide an attractive alternative to wood. Glass shelves were always very popular in bathrooms but have seen an increase in popularity throughout the rest of the home. Some benefits of using glass shelves are that it blends in well with almost any decor, it is easy to keep clean, and it allows for creative use of lighting to help highlight decorative items. And also glass shelves have the ability to use creative lighting effects.

Traditional wooden display boxes require track lighting or individual lighting in each cubicle, but glass allows lighting to shine through from above and below. Individual spot lighting placed under the shelves can create a wondrous under lighting effect, especially in a darkened room at night. The reflected light through the glass can give off additional back or under lighting. Another advantage of glass shelves is a little more psychological. Viewers perceive them to be nearly as delicate as the items displayed on them. This means that visitors who handle collectibles may take even more precautions while moving them in and out of the curio cabinets or display cases. In reality, most are formed from tempered glass and are generally as durable as the wood shelves they replace. But anything that will encourage gentle handling of expensive antiques and collectibles can only be a good thing for nervous collectors.

floating glass shelves for wall
floating glass shelves for wall

There are some different designs of glass shelves and floating glass shelves is very popular. The name comes from the illusion that the shelves are not attached to anything. The system is a tongue and groove system where the shelves are attached directly into the wall. This shelving is more than a system of shelves it is more of an architectural element. The shelves look as if they are built in design elements of the wall. The system can be designed in many different ways, and can be used to house an entertainment system, books, display collections, plates and a host of other items that would normally sit on a shelf. The floating glass shelves opens up a whole new possibility for shelving units. There are no height restrictions, because each shelf is individually installed, and the designs are unlimited and can be present in many different arrangements. Installing floating shelves made by glass is simplistic and only requires a few hand tools. There are professional installation options available. Another favorite application of glass shelves is in a dining room hutch.

Glass shelves are often used in conjunction with wood shelves, the glass is used to reflect light and open up the visual space of the cabinetry. Glass shelves are usually no more or less expensive than wood or metal shelving options. Cost is relative to design and function.

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