It seems like each new day brings a new innovation in tattooing with it. Eyebrows can be tattooed on in a natural way through microblading. Companies like Permanent Makeup and Aesthetics by Kim Duffy utilize scalp micropigmentation services to fill in hair lines or to give the appearance that a bald head has recently been shaved.

Like these trends, tattoo removal has come a long way in the past few years. A previously little known procedure, many have turned to tattoo removal to get rid of tattoos they no longer wish to exist on their bodies forever. I took it upon myself to research more about tattoo removal and write this post. Here are the questions I had and the answers I found:

  • How does tattoo removal Work?

Most tattoo removal treatments use lasers. The technician guides the laser over the tattoo, whose particles absorb the light and shatter into fragments. Over time, the tattoo will begin to fade. Each tattoo removal session helps get rid of the tattoo particles until it is completely gone from the body.

  • Does it hurt?

This is a common question among those considering getting a tattoo removed. Because the process involves lasers, there is some degree of pain involved, but it’s important to keep in mind that pain is relative. Many say that the process hurts far less than they originally expected.

  • Is it expensive?

Unfortunately, yes. Most experts say that tattoo removal costs around ten times of what the actual tattoo cost. A much better option is to start with a trusted, reputable technician like the ones on the home page of this website. This is because tattoo removal is a highly sought after process that requires specialized equipment and expertise. Make sure to talk with your technician thoroughly about pricing options before you go in for your removal procedure. Though these are only three questions among the many you may have about tattoo removal, I hope this post served as a starting resource for your tattoo removal process.

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Many celebrities deal with hair loss just like us, but many of the stories about these celebrities focus on male celebrities. Check out some of the powerful women in the entertainment industry who opened up about their experience with hair loss.

Tyra Banks

The life of a supermodel is, of course, glamorous, but it can be beyond stressful as well. When writing her book Modelland, which came out in 2011, Banks experienced so much stress that she began to develop spot baldness.

Viola Davis

Like 6.8 million Americans, legendary actress Viola Davis lives with alopecia areata, an autoimmune disorder that results in patchy hair loss on the scalp, face, and other parts of the body. Like many women dealing with hair loss, Davis opted for wigs — even wearing wigs in the Jacuzzi or when she went to work out. As she grew older, wigs became less of a necessity for Davis and more of an option.

Naomi Campbell

Another supermodel makes this list! Supermodels like Naomi Campbell often go through extreme modifications to their bodies during their career, such as wearing face-altering makeup, body-enhancing clothes, and wigs and hair extensions. Unfortunately for Campbell, years of wearing hair extensions lead to the loss of almost all her natural hair.

Treating Hair Loss

Like these famous women, you have a variety of different ways to treat your hair loss. Many pills and topical treatments are available for those who want to see their natural hair grow back.

If you want to opt for quicker solutions, you can follow Davis’ lead and wear wigs. Maybe even try the scalp micropigmentation services at companies like Team Micro which make it appear as if you recently shaved your head. No matter what option you choose, you don’t have to live in embarrassment due to your hair loss.

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