Important Facts About Cannabinol You Must Know

The cannabis plant contains hundreds of cannabinoids with unique properties, benefits, and risks. One of these cannabinoids is cannabinol. It won’t be wrong to say that cannabinol hasn’t received as much attention from users as other cannabinoids. Some experts even call it the forgotten cannabinoid. 

If you are a cannabis enthusiast and wish to know more about different cannabinoids, this post is for you. Read below to understand what cannabinol is and why it’s called the forgotten cannabinoid. 

Cannabinol — The Forgotten Cannabinoid:

Not everyone likes to consume raw cannabis, which is why its cannabinoids are processed and heated by manufacturers repeatedly until they turn into a substance that’s legally allowed to be sold in the United States. THC, a euphoric cannabinoid found in cannabis, is a prime example of it. Over time, THC breaks down into another cannabinoid due to degradation caused by overheating. This cannabinoid is known as cannabinol or CBN. It’s 75% less intoxicating than THC. People who like to ‘get high’ prefer to use THC than cannabinol, which is why it’s not as much popular as other cannabinoids. 

As an ordinary user, if your goal is to enjoy the medicinal benefits of cannabis, then it’s better to go for CBD oil manufactured and sold by a well-known company. You can visit their website to pick your favorite CBD product and start using it right away. However, if your goal is to get a mild euphoric feeling to cure sleep disorder or feel good in general, then you can use cannabinol. 

Due to its sedative properties, many experts also call it the sleepy cannabinoid in the old weed. It’s primarily found in cannabis that’s aged over time. These days, many distributors have started supplying it to those areas where cannabis is 100% legalized. You can give it a try based on your location, but it’s always good to consult with your doctor first and then move ahead so that you can avoid any unwanted health issues later on.


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