Is It Beneficial To Outsource To Belize

Belize, a small Central American country bordering Mexico and Guatemala, is noted for various things, including stunning beaches, clear Caribbean waters, ancient Mayan ruins, and jungles brimming with diverse flora and animals. 

To be clear, Central America and the Caribbean have grown in popularity as contact center locations, with Jamaica, Panama, and Nicaragua among the most popular. The fact that Belize is a relative newcomer to the outsourcing industry should not downgrade it to a lower priority or leave it off the list; it is an excellent place for various reasons.

Proximity To The United States:

From the United States, Belize is a short flight away. Belize likewise follows the same time zones as the United States, making doing business easier. While closeness to other nations in the area is not a distinctive trait, it should appeal to corporations looking for a more hands-on outsourcing arrangement. It enables them to maintain a close eye on the success of their outsourced operations, bridging the cultural divide, cutting training time, and fostering a better grasp of client expectations.

Maturity Of Service:

Although being a new outsourcing destination, Belize has grown to a decent level of maturity in a short period. The first contact center opened in 2005, and there are currently over 20 around the country. In addition, both the government and the business sector have identified the Business Process Outsourcing industry as a specialized specialist area and a key industry for Belize’s socio-economic progress.

Low Turnover And Attrition:

In many regions of the globe, contact center personnel have a high turnover rate, ranging from 30 to 45 percent in some nations. In Belize, where contact center employees may be highly qualified in their profession but unable to find a better job in the region, high attrition is not an issue. 

Belize has a robust educational, political, and technological infrastructure for a developing country. Belize has a highly educated workforce and a high literacy rate. The government supports the contact center business through tax advantages, designation of the BPO industry as a “priority sector,” subsidized training for people interested in a contact center job, and marketing of the industry as a viable investment option. If you want more assistance, you should contact a professional company such as Peak Outsourcing.


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